Welcome to the Art Department at Ranelagh School

When you start your Art education at Ranelagh you will be taught a wide range of practical skills throughout Key Stage 3 which will prepare you for further study at GCSE and A level. As you walk around the school you will see a variety of Artwork produced by our GCSE and A-Level students which not only enhances the environment but will inspire you to work hard and produce your best work. Your Art Teachers will explain this in much more detail when you arrive at school and we look forward to teaching you. We are passionate about our subject and we want you to be too.

To encourage you in your artistic endeavours, practise your skills and develop your imagination, you could try:

Animal Adventures

We would like you to use pencil, (a 2B pencil if you have one) draw a picture of an animal, fish, bird, insect, reptile, pet from a primary (from life) or google images (secondary sources).

When you are drawing closely observe the outline form (the shape all-round the outside edges of your choice) lightly outline in pencil. Consider the scale and proportion of your drawing. Next, consider the lighting on the form, this will develop the 3D quality of your drawing when you start shading. You also have to consider the mark-making needed to create the texture of your animal – is it short, sharp pencil marks to create a rough texture or smooth lines to create a transition of tone? And remember ‘darken you darkest tones’ to create a strong, powerful effect.

Create Your Own Creature for a New Television Programme or Book

Having drawn your animal, bird, fish, insect or reptile you might like to create your own imaginative creature. Can it run super-fast? Plod along slowly? X-ray Vision? Fire breathing? Many arms and /or legs? Wings?

What special qualities do you want it to have?  You could write down a list.

Big or small eyes? Protruding or sunken? On waving tentacles or straight stalks?

Small or large ears? Crinkly? Smooth, textured like a crocodile? Or none?

Big or small legs? Like a dragon or a bird?  Or none – perhaps it rolls around like a motorised ball or wheels? Hovers?

The texture of skin- rough like a dinosaur, dragon, crocodile, armadillo, scaly, feathers, fur standing on end, or smooth with patterns?

Will it have claws, big feet, gigantic feet? Big teeth, no teeth? Bigmouth, smallmouth? Shape, size? Does it have a beak like a pelican for carrying the shopping? Or special tools?

How colourful do you want it to be? Block colour or patterns?

Enjoy the challenge! More to come, always aim high!