BBC Young Reporter 2020


Plastic Management

Alex, Tobias and Charlie investigate Ranelagh’s management of plastic.



Denise Spencer and Gabriel Ramos de Castro explore the impact of loneliness on young people.


Sport and Mental Health

How does sport affect mental health? Lucy Yates from Ranelagh school interviews a doctor to find out more.


Arts in Education

Just how important are arts based subjects in secondary schools? Nancy Harris  decided to find out more about this very interesting topic.


Bracknell News


BBC Young Reporter 2019


Netball in the UK

Olivia Sibley and Daisy McMahon interview England Netball Player, Susie Liversiedge on the growing popularity of netball in the UK.


Food Waste

Olivia Sibley and Daisy McMahon write about how food waste affects supermarkets


Seagull Migration

Conner Wilkinson and Xander DuPlessis write about the recent phenomenon of seagull migration


James Webb telescope

Ethan Nestle-Fox write about the James Webb telescope and looking back in time


Climate change

Joseph Byrne and Harry Cuthbert present a piece about climate change