Welcome to Design and Technology! Throughout year 7 you will get to spend approximately 22 weeks on our subject as your time will also be shared with food technology and computer science. Whilst in our department you will be introduced to the workshops, where you will enjoy learning to work safely using a wide range of tools and equipment. You will also use CAD/CAM, learning how our laser cutter works.

Design and Technology will encourage you to combine your practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make inspiring products. You will learn how to solve problems and gain an insight into real-life manufacturing as well as stimulate your curiosity about the world around you.

Let’s see how creative you can be, why don’t you have a go at some of these challenges?

  • Using Lego build the Ranelagh badge
  • Upcycle a plastic bottle into something creative – this could be a planter for seeds, a birdhouse, etc.
  • Repurpose an item that is not used anymore and make a ‘bug house’ to go outdoors
  • Sketch a famous bridge/building or make a card model
  • Research the topic of Biomimicry and how it has been used to design products
  • How many products can you find inspired by biomimicry?
  • Make use of old socks and make an animal
  • Find items around your house made of different materials (e.g. wood, plastic, metal, etc). and try sketching them in 3D adding colour to make them look as realistic as possible.