Drama at Ranelagh focuses on the design, creation, performance and critique of theatre in all forms. In Year 7 students learn about the key performance skills and apply these to the style of Melodrama, creating and performing short devised plays. Students then learn about design and technical aspects of theatre, including lighting, set design and costume and learn about the varying roles and responsibilities in the theatre, taking on the role of designer in the creation of their own productions. Year 7’s then explore a play text, choosing the role of either performer or designer, and preparing their own productions of the script. Students also watch a piece of digital theatre in which they learn to evaluate and analyse the different elements of theatre, drawing on all of the skills, techniques and elements they have previously learnt. Students then learn about various styles of performance and explore conventions such as mask, puppetry, Physical Theatre and stage combat, utilising all of these in the creation of an original piece of work.

In Year 7, students have the opportunity to take part in a lunchtime Drama club, where they explore different acting styles and techniques and develop short plays for performance. Every year Ranelagh has a full school production, it also holds a bi-annual Shakespeare Festival and Performing Arts Evening and most recently introduced a Lower School Play specifically for students in Years 7-9, so there are many opportunities for students to get involved in Drama at Ranelagh and showcase their talents, interests and passion in performance and technical theatre.