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Date: June 17, 2014
Time: 6:00 am
2:00 pm

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1709 The first Earl of Ranelagh, Richard Jones, founded the school for 20 boys and 20 girls at Cranbourne Hall in Winkfield. The first master was Vicar of Winkfield, William Waterson, who ran the school for 50 years.
1759 John Boyce took over the school. His son, George, later took to the helm until 1824.
1880 Having reached a capacity of 100 pupils, Cranbourne School was closed and the school expanded to a site in Lovel Road, Winkfield. It then became known as Cranbourne Ranelagh School.
1908 Some proceeds from the sale of Cranbourne Hall were used to establish a grammar school in Bracknell. Ranelagh School opened on its current site on September 21. There were four full-time teachers including the first headmaster, Ernest Cleave.
1944 The school became a Church of England voluntary aided grammar school following that year’s Education Act.
1945 By the outbreak of World War II, there were 100 pupils and eight full-time teachers including the second headmaster, James Bury. An additional playing field was purchased in Larges Lane. During the war there were at one time, three schools sharing the building.
1955-1981 During these periods, extensions were made to the buildings.
1981 The school began to develop as a comprehensive rather than a grammar.
1993-1998 During this time, the school was upgraded with additional classrooms, a sixth form centre, a business centre, music block, a superb sports hall and an arts and design centre.
1999 Awarded Beacon School status.
2006 The school received a Grade 1 ‘outstanding’ report from Ofsted.
2008 Ranelagh School celebrates 100 years on its current site.
2009 Headteacher appointed as National Leader of Education and Ranelagh becomes National Support School.
2009 Ranelagh School celebrates 300 years since its foundation.
2009 The school received a Grade 1 ‘outstanding’ report from Ofsted.
2010 School gains High Performing Specialist School status.
2011 Ranelagh becomes a Church of England Academy.
2014 The school received an ‘outstanding’ report from SIAMS.
2015 New Headteacher appointed
2015 The school received an ‘outstanding’ report from Ofsted.
2017 Ranelagh School forms The Bonitas Trust
2019 The school received a ‘Good’ report from SIAMS.
2020 New Headteacher appointed