Welcome to Food Preparation and Nutrition at Ranelagh!

In year 7, you will study Food for a block of 9 weeks. You will then study Food for 18 weeks in Year 8 and Year 9, and you can choose if you wish to continue with a GCSE or BTEC.

Year 7 food is all about learning basic skills. We cook once a week, and the types of things you will cook include scones, pasta salads, bruschetta, and developing your own lunchbox product. A highlight of year 7 Food lessons is making rocky road! You will bring your own ingredients in from home, and an apron, for each practical lesson.

When we aren’t cooking, we complete theory work, which is learning about key aspects of food. This includes The Eatwell Guide and healthy eating, nutrition, food hygiene and safety, and planning your own dishes.

To help you with your food lessons, this summer you could have a go at cooking some items. Suggested dishes you could try at home are:

  1. Omelette
  2. Fruit salad
  3. Bacon or egg sandwich
  4. Pasta