The information below is to help you log in to the various school resources.


Your Email

To access your school email, go to Click on Sign In. You will be prompted for your credentials. For your username, type your school email (generally your first initial followed by your surname and year of entry – i.e


Password:  your school password

Click on Outlook to open your email.




Insight has replaced the School Portal. You will find information about your children such as attendance records, assessment reports, curriculum information, timetables and school visits.

To log onto Insight, go to the school website, click on the Log in link at the top right of the page and then click on Insight. Alternatively, you can go to and log in or you can download the app for IOS or Android onto your mobile device.

You will be prompted for your credentials.  Type your username followed by your password.

Username: your email address held by the school

Password: xxxxxxxxx

These credentials will be emailed to parents by the school.  If you have not got them, please contact the school office (

Online payments

Ranelagh School now uses sQuid for payments to the school and no longer accept cash for catering accounts.  Parents/Guardians set up an account in their own name and then link their children to the one account with a 16-digit sQuid registration code and a 3-digit CVV code – these are specific to individual students and available from the Finance Office.

sQuid has an auto top up facility that can be set up.  They will also email you when your child’s catering account falls below £5.

To log onto the online payments, click on the Log in link at the top right hand side of our website and then click on Online Payments. Or go to

If you have any queries on the use of the sQuid website please contact either the Finance Office or sQuid customer services: or 0208 339 2111.

There is also a mobile app available:

Parent Consultation Evening Online Booking System

Ranelagh now use an online booking system for Parent Consultation Evening appointments.

Parent/Carers can make an appointment once their child’s Parent Consultation Evening goes ‘live’.  This will be communicated via email in advance. Please do not try to log in before as you will receive a failed log in and no appointments can be made at this time.  Once ‘live’ you will be able to click on the following link  Parents Eve or cut and paste the following into your browser

You will then need the following information to hand in order to book any appointments:

Your email address:

Childs’ First Name (Registered Preferred Name): i.e. Stanley rather than Stan

Childs’ Surname:

Childs’ Date of Birth: dd/mm/yyyy


(Parents have no access to School Email)