In Year 7, you will study a ‘What is History?’ unit designed to help you think about what it really means to be a historian. There will be lots of investigations looking at evidence where you will learn to be ‘history detectives’, piecing together clues in a ‘Cluedo’ style murder mystery.

You will then look at the importance of the year 1066 for British history with the arrival of the Normans and why it was such a key turning point. As well as learning about the Battle of Hastings, you will research what life was like for ‘ordinary’ people with the impact of the Domesday Book and Feudal System; whilst we have a lot of fun looking at the importance of castle building – from Motte and Bailey castles to Stone-Keep castles – with a little bit of ‘Horrible Histories’ thrown in!

In the Spring Term, we look at Medieval Life with Medieval towns and villages, before we study the ‘Terrible’ Tudors with Henry VIII and his six wives.

In the Summer term, you will be looking at the ‘History of Medicine’ through the ages, from herbal remedies in the Middle Ages to modern medicine today with Antibiotics, X Rays and CT scans. You will be able to assess the rate of scientific progress over the last 800 years and discover the key figures who have influenced the greatest changes in medicine.


Your Summer Tasks!

  1. Design a tourism brochure advertising the five best castles to visit in Britain (don’t forget those amazing Norman castles in Wales and the castles of Scotland too!) Your leaflet needs to be visually engaging and it needs to cover at least five key facts as to why people should visit each of the five castles you have chosen.
  2. Create a ‘Time Capsule’ with five pieces of evidence from 2021 which will be buried in the grounds of Ranelagh School and opened in the year 2121 – 100 years from now by future Ranelagh students. What five objects would you include to show what life was like in 2021? You need to explain why you have included these objects. Please include pictures as well as descriptions of the items.
  3. Please hand in your work to your History Teacher in September, so you are ready to start the ‘What is History?’ unit.