Curious Year students might…

  • begin to develop their natural curiosity
  • identify, with guidance, questions, as well as problems, that interest them
  • plan to undertake research with guidance and collect, store and organise information relevant to the research

Curious Year 8 students might…

  • identify questions and problems and justify their interest in them
  • plan and carry out research unaided, and collect relevant information
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of information and whether it is relevant to their enquiry, with guidance

Curious Year 9 students might…

  • identify appropriate research steps and strategies, and begin to modify methods of inquiry
  • realise which information is useful and relevant and communicate analysis clearly
  • consider why there are different viewpoints, and begin to make connections between them
  • challenge assumptions

Curious Year 10 and Year 11 students might…

  • explain their research techniques to others, describing and justifying the methods they have chosen
  • begin to teach others the skills of enquiry
  • make informed and well-reasoned decisions and require evidence for others’ assertions

Curious Year 12 and Year 13 students might…

  • independently identify questions and problems, justify their interest in them, and critically consider whether they are worth asking and solving
  • use connections from across the curriculum to develop their enquiry, answering questions that are of real value to society