Resilient Year 7 students might…

  • complete tasks with support, recognising some frustrations
  • realise that things we do involve an element of risk-taking
  • talk about known risks in everyday situations and ways to approach those risks if they affect personal safety and well-being

Resilient Year 8 students might…

  • learn ways to manage their own time and work towards personal targets they have set
  • complete longer tasks with increasing independence, recognising frustrations that inhibit performance
  • weigh up positive and negative risks in new situations and suggest different solutions and approaches
  • confidently approach new and unknown situations, seeing them as a challenge to be faced

Resilient Year 9 students might…

  • show greater independence in setting personal goals and targets
  • use time effectively and persist with extended tasks to completion, recognising strategies, overcoming frustration and distractions and seeing the long-term benefits
  • try out new ideas in different situations, drawing on previous experience
  • speculate on the outcomes of taking certain risks in unfamiliar situations

Resilient Year 10 and Year 11 students might…

  • self-manage extended and complex tasks to completion
  • employ appropriate strategies to complete tasks and consistently overcome frustrations and barriers
  • recognise that we cannot always predict the outcome of a situation – that some things in life are unknown
  • approach unfamiliar situations positively, and with confidence and acceptance of the unknown

Resilient Year 12 and Year 13 students might…

  • select and self-manage extended and complex tasks consistently to completion
  • show deliberate unwillingness to allow adversity to prevent them from reaching their goal and are unswerving in their focus on their eventual success
  • speculate and take risks in a whole variety of situations, known and unknown
  • assess situations in terms of personal safety and well-being
  • confidently tackle new challenges and make decisions based on understanding previous decisions and mistakes