Independent Year 7 students might…

  • willingly re-draft work in order to improve
  • work for extended periods of time on a task with encouragement
  • recognise that there may be obstacles to their progress
  • explore different solutions to problems that are set for them

Independent Year 8 students might…

  • revise and practise regularly to improve
  • understand the value of practice in improving individual performance
  • respond to feedback on how to improve
  • work for sustained periods of time and see the benefits of doing so
  • identify distractions and begin to recognise the effect these might have on their work
  • ask questions about their learning and seek their own answers

Independent Year 9 students might…

  • establish and follow independent study schedules
  • seek and respond to feedback on how to improve
  • respond to targets set by others for improvements
  • be self-motivated to work on extended projects
  • identify distractions and manage them to minimise their effect
  • see the long-term benefits of performing a task to completion
  • experiment with unfamiliar approaches and decide on the right ones for the circumstance

Independent Year 10 and Year 11 students might…

  • take responsibility for practising independently and regularly
  • jointly set goals for improvement
  • monitor own performance and seek feedback from others
  • independently plan an activity or project beyond what is asked of them
  • identify and use strategies for setting and meeting personal targets in order to increase personal motivation

Independent Year 12 and Year 13 students might…

  • self-regulate and revise practice and/or revision schedules in line with improvements
  • set own goals and monitor progress towards them
  • actively seek out ways to improve
  • recognise and accept that making mistakes is a natural part of learning, and can explain this to others
  • have the confidence to accept that some tasks cannot be completed