How to support your child’s confidence


  • Let your child make decisions and appreciate their efforts no matter what the outcome is. Never criticise performance.


  • Try not to label your child as “shy” or “nervous”, instead, help them understand that everybody has these worries from time to time.


  • Encourage your child to practise anything they are interested in and nurture the areas that your child has natural strengths in. This helps them feel more confident in other areas of their life.


  • Offer your help and support, but not too much of it. Giving too much assistance too soon can reduce the child’s ability for self-help.


  • Do not tell your child when you are worried about them. Applaud their courage and praise them when they try something new.


  • Do not allow your child to escape reality by spending all their time online. Encourage them to engage with real people in the real world.


  • Encourage risk-taking and let your child know that it is okay to get things wrong.