Welcome to mathematics, one of the subjects you will be very familiar with, as you have been doing mathematics most of your life.

We will be continuing your education through the familiar topic areas of

  • Number
  • Shape and Space
  • Algebra
  • StatisticsYou will learn these in increasing detail as you move up through the school.

    We want you to enjoy mathematics and to be at ease with this subject, that is why we put you into sets during the course of the year so you can work at a pace that is appropriate for you.

    Mathematics is fun and during your first year, you will do some projects where we hope your work will brighten up our school walls.

    To be good at mathematics you need to do a little bit each day and each year we give the attached booklet to Year 6 for the summer holiday.

    There is no need to print it to bring to school.

    The booklet has been designed to help you keep your fluency in Mathematics in shape over the summer holiday.

    Do let us know which ones are your favourites!

  • Try to complete the activities without a calculator
  • It is not a test and it does not matter if you do not complete it all
  • Try to complete one page per week
  • Don’t forget that other people at home can join in the fun
  • The solutions will be posted on the Ranelagh website separatelyHaving a good number of skills is important
  • You could use the times table app “10 minutes Times Tables (DK)” for 10 minutes a day to help with your confidence in this important skill.There are many other free maths apps you could use. If you find one you really like to tell your teacher in your first lesson.

    Having good problem-solving skills is important for life

  • You could use the Nrich website to investigate some of the problems there. This link will get you started … https://nrich.maths.org/13842Have fun and we look forward to seeing you! From The Ranelagh School Maths Department