Welcome to the Music Department!

You are joining a school where music is at the heart of the school community, be it during lesson time, during extra-curricular groups or part of events in the wider life of the school. We are an open department and we encourage every student to explore their musicality, whether you already play an instrument or have never touched one in your life! You will have one music lesson a week with either myself (Mr Coventry), Miss Cumiskey or Miss Combes and during these lessons we will explore the musical world through performance, writing your own music and listening. If you really enjoy music, you can join the Junior Choir, Junior Orchestra or the String Group and play new and exciting pieces of music. Bracknell Music Centre is also based in Ranelagh’s Music Department, so we run a full suite of instrumental and vocal lessons, delivered by Berkshire Maestros. These either happen throughout the school day or in the evening and weekends.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Music Department in September!

Transition challenge:

Create a performance on an instrument (or voice) that showcases your musical talent. You can perform it to us in September if you’d like to!