Charitable giving 2019-2020


Each year students select three charities to support – one local, one national, and one international. The school community seeks ways to not only give money but to cultivate a servant hearted attitude towards our local and global neighbours and to develop habits of courageous advocacy. The charities students have chosen for 2019 – 2020 are:

·  ABC to Read – a local organisation assisting Berkshire children to read

·  The Children’s Society – a charity working to support vulnerable children in England and Wales

·  Medic Assist International – providing access to healthcare – in most cases – where none was previously available

Awareness of – and funds for – these charities are raised through a variety of events held in school. A collection is taken at each Holy Communion Service, as well as at the Carol Service. A significant season for students in Years 7-9 is during Lent when they are busy preparing and running their Lent Projects. These are a series of events organised by students in support of our charities. This enables students to exercise their skills of teamwork, marketing, fundraising, researching, and presenting and is focussed throughout on service and sacrifice rooted in the season of Lent. Additional activities run by the Charity team also include the pizza and movie evenings; Bandana’s on sports day and the team challenges which take place throughout the school year.


Service to others

In addition to their collaborative efforts to raise awareness of, and funds for, designated charities, there are other ways in which students provide service to others.  For instance, every Christmas, each tutor group in the school engages in the Christmas parcel project, a fun way of sharing our good fortune with others.  In 2018, all members of the school community supported the collection of items of clothing and toiletries to send to children and families in Gulu, Uganda and this year we are exploring how this partnership can be further developed in ways which are meaningful and sustainable.  Every other year, members of the sixth form also engage in a variety of community projects, in different parts of the globe, as part of their participation in the Wilderness Expertise programme.  To learn about these projects and more, read the reports attached.