Work experience

All students in Year 11 at Ranelagh undertake a week of work experience in November, giving them the opportunity to develop an understanding of the workplace environment, employability and transferable skills and an appreciation of the world of work.  Students in Year 12 undertake work experience in June.  In addition, many of our students in the sixth form undertake volunteering placements, either to support their studies of Health and Social Care BTEC, or to enable them to gain relevant experience before pursuing vocational pathways in careers including medicine, nursing and teaching.

What skills do you need to get a job?

STEMNET Employability skills guide

What skills do you need?

Kent University employability skills

Kent University introduction to employability skills

York University employability skills

Manchester University employability skills

PWC making the most of your employability skills

Find out what you’re like and what you could do!

UCAS buzz quiz

The following resources might help you to identify some of your strengths and attributes.

What are my strengths

What skills do you have

Employability matching

Skills audit worksheet

Opportunities within and beyond the curriculum

Students at Ranelagh participate in a range of additional activities that enable them to engage with employers.  For example, in Year 10, all students meet a range of local employers and employees, having the chance to talk to them about their career pathways and undertaking a series of group interviews to prepare them for the world of work.  We participate in a range of local STEM competitions and students regularly visit local companies including 3M and Panasonic.

We welcome the opportunity to work with local employers to raise awareness of different career pathways and anyone wishing to support with work experience placements or information sessions should contact Miss Combes.