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How Does The Governing Body Carry Out Its Role?

The Governing Body meets half termly to receive reports from the Headteacher, senior leaders, sub-committees, governors who have visited the school and the student body.

It also reviews any surveys conducted amongst stakeholders. This helps it to hold the school to account and to monitor progress towards achieving the improvement priorities decided by the Headteacher and governors. Governors discuss and approve policies, ensuring they are fit for purpose, consistent with the school’s vision, implemented consistently and have a positive impact on the students.

In addition, our governors look at what opportunities the students are given to learn and grow, for example through a wide variety of enrichment activities and educational visits. The governors also meet as smaller committees to look at different aspects of the school.

Achievement and Standards Committee

 This committee monitors the performance of the school against different educational goals and standards and ensures that the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum. It is also concerned with behaviour for learning, safeguarding, student well-being, attendance and exclusions. It looks at how well all students are progressing and being challenged to achieve their full potential, including those with Special Educational Needs, the more able and the less able. It monitors how new strategies are making learning better for students and the impact they are having on staff.

Finance, Infrastructure and Personnel Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring how well the school handles its finances, as well as issues relating to the school’s buildings and grounds. It is also concerned with key management issues such as human resources and legal compliance. It looks at how the budget is spent and the impact of expenditure as well as how students are kept safe in the school and grounds.

Admissions Panel

Bonitas Multi-academy Trust is the admissions authority for Ranelagh School and delegates its responsibility for admission to Ranelagh School to the Admissions Panel. The panel reviews applications against the published oversubscription criteria and offers places in accordance with the School Admissions Code, Bracknell Forest’s Common application process and the school’s own admissions policy.

Pay Committee

 This committee ensures that the school’s performance management process is effective and has a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning. It also approves recommendations for staff progression.

Appeals Panel

 In some situations (including complaints, grievances, pupil exclusion and appeals/dismissals) up to three governors will serve, subject to availability and requirements for impartiality, on an Appeals Panel.