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Alumni Association

Ranelagh has a long and rich history that has helped to shape the unique experience people have when they study or work at the school.

Ranelagh Alumni (RA) cherish fond memories of their time with the school and maintain sometimes life-long friendships that were forged at Ranelagh.

The Ranelagh Alumni Association aims to bring together the wider Ranelagh community to enrich and extend the impact of the school

Enrich – by bringing the skills, experience and resources of the alumni into the day to day life of the school.  Extend – by creating opportunities for alumni to benefit from being part of an incredible community, be it in their professional or social lives, long after they have left the school. 

Enriching Education

Our aim is to mix your professional experience with the academic life of the students.   This might be through talks or masterclasses relating to specific subjects or careers, or by helping to develop skills for life such as interview skills.  We want the RA to be able to inspire our students to be the best they can and to contribute fully to society.


RA cover all areas of life from finance to the arts, from education to industry, from science to government and from healthcare to entertainment.  We want to enable the RA community to get the best careers advice, guidance, work placement opportunities and networking links, not just for students but for all RA as they progress through life.


Our aim is to enable RAs to connect and make great things happen.  These might be business opportunities, art projects or social enterprises.  Whatever the aim, we know that the RA can do extraordinary things together.

Social & Cultural

We will support the social and cultural life of RA through a programme of formal and informal events including key reunions, regular news and a programme of events to get involved in.


Our aim is to help shape the future of Ranelagh School.  Part of the culture of Ranelagh is to always strive for better and the school has ambitious plans.  Whether it’s through regular giving, donations for specific projects or legacies, we can help Ranelagh to continue to evolve and to prepare students to make extraordinary contributions to society.

Who can join?

  • Former students
  • Former staff
  • Others by invitation of the Head Teacher. This might be someone who has a strong link with the school perhaps through volunteering or in other ways.



You can contact RA by email at alumni@ranelagh.bonitas.org.uk