Welcome to Geography in Year 7 at Ranelagh. We are really excited about introducing you to the amazing world of Geography! We start in Year 7 with a topic all about what geography is and exploring the world while following in the footsteps of some fantastic explorers, such as Isabella Bird. Then you will be able to show off your persuasive and independent research skills in a presentation task to convince a panel that your ‘unknown’ explorer should be included in the explorer ‘Hall of Fame’.

We cover a huge range of topics in Geography and as Geography is the study of the whole world that does make sense. From Rivers to Volcanoes, Antarctica to the Sahara Desert, Cities to Economics; Geography really has something for everyone.

So why not start your Geography journey now by challenging yourself to complete the booklet we have prepared for you.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all and being able to teach you about all the wonders of the world around you!